Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Green Smoothie

I was beyond excited when Tracy bought a Vitamix this week and she was happy to have me bring a bag full of fruit and vegetables to her house to play with this high powered blender. I did a bit of reading to try and find the best recipes as this surely could taste very bad if done wrong. Most people encourage 2cups green such as Kale, spinach etc, 2cups liquid such as water, coconut water or milk and 3cups fruit. You can also put powdered super foods in for that extra boost of nutrients. At the moment if been researching foods for fertility and have come across Maca. Maca supports hormonal balance and contains 31 different minerals including being a great source of iron. It also helps with mood regulation by improving serotonin levels. I'm keen to give it a go. 

 I hope to post other smoothie recipes here in the future. 

Green smoothie recipe
1 cup Spinach 
2cups water 
1 banana 
2 oranges 
2 pears
Slice of lime
1 teaspoon Maca 
Put all ingredients in blender in this order blend on high for approx 1 minute or until smooth. Pour into glass and sprinkle with Chia seeds. Enjoy x


  1. How did it taste? Maca powder has such a unique flavour.
    I try to incorporate it into baking, mainly banana cake.

    1. It tasted great, I will have to remember that next time I bake banana cake. The lime made it taste amazing